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Residential Window Film will help protect and keep your home interior comfortable while enhancing the view and curb appeal

The Benefits of Residential Window Film

  • Reduce hot spots in your home – window film will provide more of a consistent temperature in your home and will reduce energy costs
  • Eliminate fading of your floors and furniture – window film keeps over 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your home, keeping your furniture, carpet, hardwood floors and more looking as beautiful the day you bought them.
  • Keep as much sun as you want shining through – with a broad selection of Visible Light Transmittance films you can decide how much light you want passing through your windows and how much glare you want to reduce.
  • Provide an unobstructed view through your windows and improve curb appeal – Often people don’t require blinds or drapes after they’ve installed window films. This provides and full view out the window and improves the look of the home from the street.

We can suggest the best choice window film based on your needs:

We use SolarGard-Saint-Gobain films. They offer a broad range of films which allow you to select the best solution based on your needs. You can choose from a wide array of tints and colors, from optically clear to fully reflective, that allow you to change the appearance of your home as much or as little as you like.

As needs can change room by room films can be mixed and matched throughout your house.

With directly east or west facing, glare may be the major concern. Privacy and external appearance may be the most critical for other windows.

Regardless of your specific requirements and the film you choose, all films will protect your home from 99% of harmful UV rays from damaging the inside of your home. Additionally, window film provides and added level of security from vandalism and break-ins.

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